Labor Doula

What is a Labor Doula?

doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. The doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.


What are the Benefits of Hiring a Labor Doula?

  • Reduces use of Pitocin
  • Decreased rate of  interventions during labor and birth
  • Less need for pain medication or epidural
  • Lower c-section rate
  • Shorter labors
  • Higher satisfaction with birth outcomes
  • Higher chance of spontaneous vaginal birth


What do I get When I Hire a Labor Doula?

  • Two prenatal visits to discuss desires and preparation for birth.
  • One postpartum visit to ensure all is well and answer questions.
  • Phone support as needed during pregnancy and immediate postpartum.
  • Assistance in creating a birth plan.
  • Labor support at home, birth center and hospital as needed.
  • Emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth.


How do I Book?

To be placed on our calendar there is a non-refundable, on-call, fee of $300.

Your on-call fee is applied to the package you choose.

Payment plans & gift registry/certificates are a great option to off-set your balance.


2018-2019 Package Options & Pricing


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