Birth Photography

What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is the documentation of the day your sweet baby made their way earth-side. Their birth-day is such a momentous day and only happens once. We, as parents, are so in the moment that we tend to miss the minute details of the best day of our lives. We miss the emotions, the support, the small things around the room that made the day/night unique. Like what candles we burned, what oils we diffused, what music we were listening to. My purpose is to help you remember those things. To never forget the tears that your spouse cried as you held your baby for the first time. The smile on your face as you realize, you did it. You gave birth. The hands that helped squeeze your hips as you rode wave after wave.


What do you get with Birth Photography?

With your package I will be on call for you, anytime of the day or night. Ready to be at your sacred birth space within an hour. Ready to start documenting what will be the most amazing day of your life. I will stay for all of your labor and birth and up to two hours postpartum to capture those first precious moments as you stare in awe at what you created. I document the newborn exam, first latch, skin-to-skin with your spouse, and much more within those two postpartum hours. I strive to be a “fly on the wall” and to never disturb you as you focus and work to bring your baby into the world. You will receive a minimum of 75 edited, high resolution, images with rights to print. As well as, every image in low resolution, with a watermark, to share with your friends and family.


What about Film?

There is an option to add film to any session. For your birth package you will receive a 5-6 minute film with every detail, as well as, a highlight film to share with friends and family. You are welcome to add a 1-2 minute film to sessions other than birth as well!

How do I Book?

To be placed on our calendar there is a non-refundable, on-call, fee of $300.

Your on-call fee is applied to the package you choose.

Payment plans & gift registry/certificates are a great option to off-set your balance.


2018-2019 Package Options & Pricing


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