Low Light Challenge

Recently I joined a new birth photographers group on facebook, started by the amazing Lacey Barratt who is offering a course called Exposing Birth Photography. She started by offering a 5 day challenge focused on pushing our cameras to it’s limits in Low Lighting, which as a birth photographer, we deal with often.

Day 1 we were challenged to create our own light. (Preferably in a bathroom since a lot of times we end up there for births.) So I took one of my son sleeping and one playing in the bathroom of the hotel we were staying in. This particular day was really fun for me and made me want to play more with creating light.


Day 2 was a bit more challenging for me. We were asked to photograph food by candle light, or in my case very little available light. I wasn’t a fan of the grain, but in some situations this is what images will look like if we are in a room only lit by candles or by the light from the hallway.


Day 3…well…this one was even harder. We were asked to push our ISO to the absolute highest it would go. Go outside and photograph the sky at night, or a street light, etc. I don’t love this image, but it was a valuable lesson.


Day 4 was about aperture. (I know these crazy photographer terms don’t mean much to you, but they all have a lot to do with producing the perfect image.) This one took me a few tries. Finally I was able to create two images that I felt were usable.


Finally, Day 5. Free day! Yay! This day I played with textures. I had been wanting to do it for a while and really loved how these images turned out!



Honestly, this low light challenge taught me a lot. As a birth photographer, (and photographer in general) I always doubt myself. But I am always ready to learn. I know I walked away feeling a bit more confident in myself.


Now we have started the self portrait challenge. Stay tuned for those images. It’s always a struggle for me to get in front of the camera. I am happy I am being pushed to see myself through my camera’s lens.

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