The Natural Waterbirth of Lyon | Greenville Birth Photography

Alisha and I met in December. She will be the first to admit that she is a Type A Project Manager. She is smart. Well organized. And you can tell from the first meeting that she was going to be one amazing mom.

I was not prepared for how strong and amazing she would be through out her labor.

I got the call on little man’s due date. 8:00am. A very punctual boy.

Alisha’s husband was on the other side of the phone. He said he thought they were in active labor. I could hear Alisha roaring in the background. Of course I went into panic mode trying to get the kids to a sitter, afraid I was never going to make it in time.

I arrived around 9:20am. Alisha, Pete & her doula, Addie, from Foothills Family Doulas, were in their bedroom. Alisha in the middle of a wave. Daddy and doula working hard to keep up with her swaying hips. I came in with camera in hand, ready to start capturing these moments.

Alisha spent a good bit of time in front of her chest of drawers, leaned against it, with Pete and Addie massaging her quads, back, and squeezing her hips. Soon she can’t remain in the same spot so she starts roaming from her bedroom to the living room. Moaning and singing through contractions.

After much pacing, she decides to try to lay on the couch. She looked like a Goddess. Her toes were cramping so Dad and Addie had a foot in each hand, massaging and offering some relief.

Then to her bed. More waves. More quad and toe massages. Resting silently in between.

Once again, Alisha gets up and decides to move around a bit. It’s almost noon. They decide to go ahead and head to the birthing suite at Greenville Memorial.

No one suspected she was as close as she was. Bethany, the midwife, checked her between a contraction. A 9! No way. Everyone thought she was lying, but didn’t speak.

Alisha was quickly moved to the suite. As the tub was being filled, Alisha was overcome with emotion, realizing that this was it. They were really about to meet their son.

Once in the tub, Alisha was able to relax a bit and Addie and Pete still worked on her quads and her back. After sitting in the tub for a bit, Mama decided to move to the restroom to try to empty her bladder.

Moving to the restroom made things get more intense than before. Alisha was so powerful. Her roars could be heard echoing throughout the small room. With each one, we knew baby boy was getting closer.

After riding a few intense waves, Alisha moved back to the tub, where it wasn’t long before her roars became more “pushy”.

Again, to everyone’s surprise, no one expected how quickly little man would enter the world.

Within only a few pushes, Lyon came charging into the world.

The emotions, the excitement, the disbelief. The room was filled with his sweet cries.

Welcome to the world Lyon Finley.



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