Hiring Your Birth Team – Part 2: Labor Doula | Greenville Labor Doula

A Doulas presence at birth has proven to have a positive impact on labor and delivery in many ways. I can go on for days about the benefits of a Doula however you can find that under a simple search in Google.

Photography by Melissa Steenrod Photography

What may be a little harder to find is how in the world do you go about choosing a Doula to fit you. Well I got your back! Heres some tips!

1. Always book the initial consultation! Recommendations from friends and family is great! Along with checking out reviews but that doesn’t mean that you will mesh with those same people. This is a personal journey so it should be a personal decision.

2. Learn your Doula’s birth philosophy. A well trained Doula will be able to support in all types of births including cesareans however, Doulas do have limits. Some Doulas are open to religious ceremonies oppose to their beliefs going on and some would be uncomfortable with that. Some are willing to support in an unassisted Birth and for some that’s a boundary. Ask questions that will give you the answers you need to fit your birth. Also asking why someone has chosen this career can give you some great insight into their philosophy and where their heart is.

3. What does your Doula’s training level look like? Some Doulas have been trained by just being in practice for years and some have had formal training and may or may not have been a Doula as long. There are also some that are just starting out (we all have to start somewhere) which is great! Use that answer and assess your comfort level. Are you cool with someone brand new? Awesome! It could be a good fit! Are you wanting someone who has been a Doula for year? You can find that person! There is a Doula for everyone!

4. Trust your intuition! If I could only list 1 way to choose your Doula, this would be the only one on the list. It is by far the most important! How did your meeting go? Did you feel like conversation was awkward? Was it friendship at first sight? Do you feel you could have this person in your special space? Sometimes you just know.

Good luck on your journey of choosing a Doula! There is a Doula for everyone and everyone for a Doula!


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