A Parent Public Service Announcement. | Greenville Birth Services

Being a new parent is already hard enough. All we want to do is what is best for our child, but it is so easy to forget that you can’t pour from an empty cup. That what works for one parent, may not work for you.


Today there are so many articles, and studies shared on every aspect of being a parent. If you are like me, I spent many months reading and researching everything I could. Did it help me make the “right” choices for my children? Sure. But it also left me with so much anxiety that I spent many, many days depressed and wondering if I was really doing the “right” thing.

In the long run, I felt like a failure on a daily basis. Even today, what I once thought was “right” is all of a sudden “wrong”, or “hurting” my child. Whether the news is new, or old, as soon as I discovered it…I began to fret.

Well, I am here to remind you, and myself, that we are not failures.


Each child is different. Each child responds differently.

Each of us, as parents, are different. And we also all live different lifestyles.

It’s time to stop judging. To stop being made to feel like we can never do anything right. To stop being afraid of parenting our own children when in public because we are afraid of what another parent, or person, may think of us.

Co-sleep, bed sharing, cry-it-out, babywearing, vaccinating, not vaccinating, breastfeeding, formula, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, eat all organic, eat easy to grab or make meals, all wooden educational toys, plastic typical toys, electronics, no electronics, dolls for boys, trucks for girls, homeschool, public school….STOP!

The best advice anyone could give you is to just STOP.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. Stop doing what other parents do because you are afraid of being judged. And most of all, STOP STRESSING OVER WHAT’S “RIGHT” and “WRONG”.

You know whats right for your family and children. You…and only you.

You are amazing.

You are not failing.

Do your research, and do what you feel is right for your little one’s. You are their parent.

(And for the record, this also applies to birth. You birth how you want to birth. No one can make the right decisions for you, other than you.)



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