The Home Birth of Titus Jackson | Greenville Birth Photography

I received a text from a close friend in late August, telling me she recently found out her neighbor across the street was expecting and she was sending her my way for maternity photos. When Heather reached out, I instantly knew she was someone I wanted to work with. I, of course, mentioned that not only photograph maternity, but that birth photography was my specialty. She immediately showed interest and wanted more information. The kicker was, she was due in a little over 2 weeks. She was planning a home birth with one of my favorite midwives from Hatched Midwifery, Carrie. I was more than excited, and she was too.

Within a couple of days I met Heather at her home to do a consultation and to see where she had planned to birth. She quickly informed me that her labor with her daughter was very quick, so I needed to be on my toes. We planned her maternity and went over details.

Lucky for me, one of the midwife apprentinces that would possibly be attending Heathers birth, was a former birth client and a friend. On September 13th, I was planning to head to a friends when Katelyn (the midwife apprentice) called me. At first I wasn’t sure why she would be calling, but we had been planning a session so I thought it might be about that.

When I answered, she let me know that I might want to get ready. Katelyn had been helping with prenatal appointments, and when Heather came in for hers, she was having contractions. They were having her go home and call them in 30 minutes to let them know how she was feeling. I got the kids ready and to the sitter and sat patiently waiting for an update.

It wasn’t more than an hour after the first call that I got the text to head that way. I arrived at Heathers home at 3:06pm. Heather was in her bedroom floor working through contractions while Katelyn applied pressure to her back. After a couple contractions, Katelyn showed Daddy how to help.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, Heather decided it was time to get into the pool.

Heather quietly worked through each contraction with daddy by her side. We all watched in anticipation when Heather asked Carrie if she would know when to push. Carrie told her she would, and if she started feeling pressure, she could try to give a couple of pushes to see. Within a couple contractions, we could tell Titus would be making his appearance soon. Carrie had Heather flip over to help Titus move down a bit more.


Daddy moved next to Carrie, to help catch his son. A few pushes later, after flipping over, Titus’s head was out, then a flash of his tiny hand and he was in Daddy’s arms at 4:15pm. Daddy and big sister were full of emotion. So excited to meet sweet boy.

I love all of the beautiful moments I got to capture after his arrival. The “starry sky” that he floated in. The first cuddles on the bed. The newborn exam with the ever so gentle, Carrie. These are the moments we never want to forget. Welcome to the world Titus!

Titus Jackson Owens – September 13, 2017 – 4:15pm

8lbs 4oz – 20.5 inches

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