The Birth of Vincent Zackery | Spartanburg Regional Hospital | Greenville Birth Photography

I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful “Due Date Project” with The Birth Narrative this past September. Myself, among other amazing birth photographers from around the world, were to find and document a deserving family that was due on September 10th. The purpose of this project was to show that Due Dates are really just guess dates.

It took me a couple of weeks, but I was lucky to find Kelsey, who had been trying to conceive for 7 years and was expecting a baby boy.

I met her, her husband, and her 7 year old son at a McDonalds, so her son and my daughter could play, while we discussed the details. Big brother was so excited to be having a baby brother and was, from what I heard, already being a big help to his mom.

I was excited to find Kelsey and looked forward to documenting the arrival of Zackery.

On August 3oth, Kelsey messaged me with some updates, and we thought that we might be meeting sweet boy soon. Everything stayed quiet that night, and I checked in with her in the morning. Nothing had changed, so we all went about our days as normal. We chatted off and on for the next couple of days about her birth plans.

On September 2nd at 10:44pm, Kelsey messaged me to let me know her water might have broken. She was going to head to the hospital to confirm. I told her to text me with an update once she arrived if it wasn’t urgent, but to call if it was, as I was going to lay down and try to get some rest in preparation.

At 2:13am Kelsey updated me, but we did not expect things to move as quickly as they did.

“Completely effaced and 4cm. Was 3 hours ago.”

Next thing I know, I was woken up to a call at 2:30-ish with a call. Kelsey was on the other line and I could tell things had picked up. I asked her how she felt to which she replied…”ready to push”.

I jumped up and headed her way. A 30 minute drive. Since things moved so quickly, they did not expect me to make it.

Sadly, they were right. I walked in the door a few minutes after daddy had cut the cord.

I hated that I missed his arrival, but stayed to capture as many of his first moments that I could.

Welcome to the world Vincent Zackery!

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