The Birth of Luke & Elijah | Greenville Birth Photography – Easley Baptist Hospital

Shannon and Ira found me a little over a year and a half ago when they were expecting their second son Chase. I had just realized I wanted to start birth photography and they were more than willing to be my first clients.

I photographed my first milk bath with Shannon as she awaited Chase, and was so excited to be welcomed into her birth space. She had a birth center birth with him at Labors of Love. What an amazing first birth for me! I knew when I left that day, birth is where I was meant to be.

Fast forward to shortly before Chase’s 1st birthday. I saw that Shannon had announced she was expecting again. This time…TWINS! I messaged her immediately with such excitement. And lucky for me, she wanted me to photograph their arrival.

I kept in touch with her throughout her pregnancy to learn more about twin births and what they entailed here in South Carolina. Lucky for Shannon she was able to find a midwife who worked under an OB at a hospital that fully supported natural births, Easley Baptist Hospital.

A little over a month before their expected due date, Shannon was informed that if they didn’t come before, that an induction would be scheduled. Both boys must have been comfy, because they decided to stay.

On August 25th, Shannon went in for her induction.


The nurses attending her birth were so amazing. Her OB, even more amazing. She also had her midwife come and stay by her side as contractions started to intensify.

After a couple hours of labor, she got the news she was waiting to here.

It’s time to push!

Twins have to be delivered in an OR here, so she was wheeled down the hall to the elevator, and to the floor she would soon be meeting her sweet boys.

The room was filled with patiently waiting nurses, her OB, midwife and husband right her side.

At 6:00pm, twin A, Luke Joshua arrived.

Luke breastfed to help his brother along. I thought this was a really neat process to watch!

Shortly after Luke, twin B, Elijah David arrived at 6:37pm.

Both boys were perfect, and Shannon was able to give birth to both of them vaganally.

Wheeled back to the recovery room. Shannon got to soak in the fact that she was now mommy to four beautiful boys.


Time for the boys to be weighed. measured, and checked out. Both boys had their own nurses to show them special attention.

Luke Joshua weighed 6lbs 1oz and was 17.75 inches long.


Elijah David weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 20 inches long.


I am so thankful I was allowed to be a part of their birth and capture these moments for Shannon and Ira. They both are such amazing parents. And Shannon totally rocked her birth, once again.


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