The Birth of Waylon Andrew | Greenville Birth Photography

When I met Heather and her daughter Graycie, I knew that documenting the birth of Waylon would be nothing short of amazing. We chatted about the details while Graycie watched a show on my phone and played with my son, Walley, who was only a couple of months old at the time. I was extra excited because like my daughter, Graycie was about to experience the life of being a big sister to a little brother.

Fast forward to a couple of days before Waylon’s guess date, Heather messaged me to let me know they had her scheduled for an induction on August 9th. I guess the word “induction” scared Waylon, because he decided he would come the day before, on his estimated due date.

I had just finished photographing another sweet newborn, and the placenta encapsulation process when I got a text from Heather.

“Keep your phone on ya…he might be coming today. I’ve been having really strong contractions 3-5 minutes apart the last 30 min.”

Since I was already at a session, my little one’s were with their grandparents. So I headed straight to Greenville Memorial.

When I arrived Heather was bouncing on the birth ball, working very hard through each contractions.


Soon more family members arrived, and Heather decided she needed some extra help, so she asked for an epidural. Which was perfect to help her get a little rest before it was time to push.


It wasn’t long before the doctor confirmed that she was ready to meet little man. A few pushes later Waylon’s head was visible. Then a couple more and he was laid on Mama’s chest.


Waylon was greeted by both of his grandma’s, as well as, daddy. They were all so excited that he was finally here, as he had teased his family a few times in the weeks prior. After mama got her first snuggles in, family came in to meet the sweet boy they had all been waiting on. Big sister was so excited to meet her baby brother. She tenderly kissed his head, fixed his hat, and sang “You are my Sunshine” with their grandma to him. Probably my favorite moment.


After soaking in all of his wonderful family, Waylon latched for the first time to fill his tiny belly, getting ready for his first night wrapped securely in the arms of his mama.


Waylon Andrew, born on August 8th weighing 7lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. With the cutest little button nose. I am so lucky to have been able to document your birth.


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