Hiring Your Birth Team – Part 1: Birth Photographer | Greenville Birth Photographer

As a birth photographer, I ultimately want to grow with you, document your future children’s births, and watch you and your partner blossom as parents.


When picking your provider, you take careful time, ask many questions, and find the perfect person to care for you during your pregnancy. (And if they don’t fit, it’s never too late to switch providers). Why not take the same time to find the rest of your birth team?

Hiring a birth photographer or doula has many benefits, but is still considered a luxury.

Birth photography is a budding industry and many photographers are taking the dive. We all start somewhere, however, just because a photographer (new or well established) has decided to take on the life of birth photography, and is offering the lowest price to build their portfolio, or has taken your favorite family photo in the past, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. There are more aspects to consider other than shooting style, editing style and price.

Birth photography is a commitment and a passion. We live to document your journey from the beginning.

Lives are put on hold, phones are constantly turned up and attached to our hips. We risk missing holiday’s, birthday’s, recital’s, etc. All because we are ready to jump at any moment for you. We are committed to you whole-heartedly, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

When choosing the right birth photographer to document the birth of your child, you want to find someone who fits your personality. Someone you can easily connect with. This is why I suggest interviewing a few, asking questions, getting to know the people you are considering having in your sacred space, just like you would your provider.

We may not be part of the photos, but we will always be a part of your story.

Most of us do not book weddings, special events, or holiday specials. And when scheduling any session that is not birth, we make sure our client’s know that a birth may take priority, and their session may have to be rescheduled, or we set-up back-up session dates just in case.


There are still those who choose to dabble in wedding and event photography, but they schedule accordingly or have equivalent back-up birth photographers on call, to take their place if need be.

Then there are the photographers who, like myself, aim to focus on birth and parenthood 100%. (Disclaimer: I personally still run my original photography business at the moment and am planning to offer mini session’s and holiday specials through Brooklyn Ash Photography, but this will be my last year of those.)

What it all boils down to is connection. Even if that is your family photographer who has never shot a birth. Who you decide to have at your birth should be someone you welcome with open arms into your most vulnerable and pivotal life changing moment. Someone who will either be your biggest cheerleader or play more of a “fly on the wall” role. Someone you can trust.

Someone that can be your perfect story teller.

Having someone who clashes with you in your birthing space, can lead to a very unpleasant birth experience. Even though we all have the same goal, we all handle births differently.

I, personally, tend to be forgotten. Quiet, stealthy, and quick. I try not to disturb my parents, and try to capture moments they will quickly forget. I photograph tiny details, that may not mean much at the moment, but will stand out when reliving your birth story. I am also quick to jump in and help when needed. Grabbing waters, reminding them how amazing they are, doing anything I can do (within my limits) to help things go smoothly.

As a birth photographer, I ultimately want to grow with you, document your future children’s births, and watch you and your partner blossom as parents.

Even though most birth photographers role is to quietly capture your photos, that doesn’t mean just any photographer is the best fit for you. I urge you to meet me, as well as, other potential birth photographers, in person. Chat, ask questions, express your concerns.

Who do you instantly feel connected to? Who can you trust to tell your story? Who will fit effortlessly into your birthing space like you imagine?


That’s the perfect birth photographer for you.


Check back in a couple weeks to read Hiring Your Birth Team – Part 2: Labor Doula | Greenville Labor Doula.

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