Homebirth of Thaisyn Vanna | Greenville Birth Photography

When Jami emailed me last November, telling me that she was expecting and wanted her birth documented, I knew it would be something special! A good friend, Melissa Steenrod of Melissa Steenrod Photography, had told her to contact me, since she wasn’t taking birth clients for the time Jami was due. I felt so lucky and having the chance to meet and get to know the Meng family was certainly a blessing!

Jami and I got to know one another via email and messages, up until her maternity session. I usually meet my clients in person, in early pregnancy, but circumstances kept us from meeting until she was around 37 weeks. We knew through chatting that we’d be a perfect fit however.

We planned Jami’s maternity session for June 3rd at Folly Beach. It was the perfect setting for this beach loving mama. Jami and her husband, Terry, were such a blast to photograph, and I loved watching how they interacted. Their love radiated. Terry threw jokes at Jami, and she threw them back. I couldn’t wait to document the arrival of their baby girl.


Around 3:30pm on Tuesday, June 27th, Jami texted me…

“Not saying I’m in labor, but I’ve had legit contractions today. They are starting to get a little more regular but still random.”

We continued to stay in touch through out the day. I ate dinner with my husband, packed mine and my little’s bags, and went to Angelica’s (friend and doula partner) to stay the night, in case Jami called.

Jami and I spoke around 7:15 that evening, and things went quiet.

Around midnight, I decided to try to get some sleep, so I curled up on Angelica’s couch with my daughter and fell asleep.

At 1:26am I got a text. Jami’s water had broke 30 minutes prior. She hadn’t even woke Terry up. I asked her if she was ready for me to head over. Still a little reluctant, I told her I’d rather be there too early versus too late. So I snuck out (not very well apparently, since my daughter woke up not so happy about me leaving) and headed over.

When I arrived, Jami’s daughter answered the door. She was busy loading the dish washer. I asked how her mom was doing, in which she replied, she was brushing her teeth. I laughed, met their dogs and entered their bedroom.

Jami was still talking and walking around when I arrived, but it wasn’t long before she was having to quietly work through contractions.

Terry cleaned the tub, and helped Jami through some contractions before she felt it was time to find relief in the warmth of the water.

Once Jami crawled into the tub, things really seemed to pick up. Linda, Jami’s midwife from Labors of Love, arrived shortly after Jami got in the tub.

Watching Jami labor, with Terry by her side, was such a beautiful thing to watch. Again, their love filled the room. Terry was such an amazing support, and Jami was so strong and powerful.


Jami labored, and even started pushing, in their giant tub. But sweet Thaisyn’s heart rate made Linda nervous, so she asked Jami to get out of the tub.


Jami crawled into her bed, and after a few pushes, at 4:47am on June 28th, Thaisyn made her debut earthside.


Jami and Terry were smitten from the minute she was laid on her chest. Thaisyn looked like a babydoll. So precious, so beautiful. I continued to photograph as they admired her every little feature.

After some sweet skin to skin with mom, meeting Maddux (Thaisyn’s fur-sister), and getting her first taste of milk; it was time for Thaisyn’s newborn exam. Counting fingers and toes, weight, height, etc. Measuring how perfect she was.


After her exam, it was time for Daddy to get in his first snuggles while mom cleaned up and got checked out.


I hope that I can watch Thaisyn grow and be a part of the Meng family’s lives for years to come. I am so blessed to be a part of many mother’s births, but so happy that Jami and Terry allowed me to be a part of Thaisyn’s birth-day.

Happy birth-day Thaisyn!

Thaisyn Vanna, born June 28th 2017 at 4:47am, in the comfort of her own home. Weighing 7 pounds even and 19.75 inches long. You are a blessing to us all!


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