The Surprise Homebirth of Olive | Greenville Birth Services

On May 24th, Nikki began feeling the onset of labor.

She spent most of the day trying to rest, and doing what she could be get labor really going. But by evening things were looking like they may wait until the next day.

May 25th, Nikki’s contractions continued to be inconsistent, but we all prepared, in hopes that things would pick up that evening.

Around 8:00pm, I got the text saying that things were becoming a bit more consistent but not to rush over yet. I decided to grab a quick dinner and check in once finished.

8:30pm, I finished dinner and sent a text to Angelica (my business partner & Mama Bear Upstate Birth’s Doula). Things were starting to look more serious, so I headed over.


Once I arrived, Nikki had retreated to her bedroom. I could hear her beginning to vocalize through her contractions. A good sign that Olive was planning to make her appearance that night. At one point Nikki came into the kitchen, while her husband took a quick shower, to grab a drink of coconut water. It was then that we followed her back to the bedroom as she started to have another contraction. Her birthing ball was where she worked through each one.


Angelica help her through a few contractions before her husband came back from his shower.

It seemed that once I arrived, things started to quickly progress. About 35-40 minutes of me taking photos of her laboring, Nikki’s water broke. Her husband helped her through those contractions, with sweet massages and hip squeezes. What we didn’t know, was these would be the contractions that would be bringing us so close to meeting Olive.

Soon Nikki felt the urge to move to their master bathroom. She wasn’t aware at the time, but transition had begun. Their original plans were to have Olive at Carolina Waterbirth, which was about a 45 minute drive.

Angelica asked Nikki if she was ready to head that way. In which she quickly replied yes. Curtis, Nikki’ husband, called the midwife. I left to move my stuff from my car to Angelica’s so that I could ride with Nikki to the birth center.

To my surprise, when I arrived back into the house, things had changed. Nikki wasn’t going to be able to leave the house. Olive was ready to come. Daddy was given direction on how to catch his daughter, so as Nikki pushed, he place his hands under her, ready to hold his baby girl.

Within just a few pushes, Olive’s head was out.


With one more push, at 9:38pm, Olive was in Daddy’s hands. Ready to be passed to her amazingly strong mama.

During Nikki pushing, I had to call her best friend, Lauran, to inform her that instead of heading to the birth center, she needed to come to Nikki’s house. She later told me, that over Nikki’s labor roar’s, all she heard was the word “house.”

She made it over in record time, but had no idea of the surprise awaiting her.

After Lauran was able to recover from such a wonderful surprise, she gently helped Olive latch for her first feeding. I have to say, that this was one of my favorite moments. These ladies friendship is something we all deserve.


After Olive filled her sweet little belly, Sandy and her assistant GayLin, of Carolina Waterbirth, did her newborn exam. She was perfect in every way. Sandy let Daddy help find out what she weighed.


7lbs and 20 inches even. Born the day before her estimated due date. Olive Mae made her arrival one that will never be forgotten. She proved that babies really do have their own plans, no matter what our ideal birth plan may be.

Welcome to the world Olive Mae. You are so amazingly loved.

2 thoughts on “The Surprise Homebirth of Olive | Greenville Birth Services

  1. What a gorgeous story and images to go along with it. My third baby had his own plans also caught by my hubby which was not at all the plan! His labour was fast and furious and just the way it was meant to be 💕


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