The Birth of Lillian | Greenville Birth Photography

Upstate Birth Network is to thank for me meeting Ally.
I was tagged in a post looking for a doula to help a local military mama, whose husband was deployed and would not be able to attend the birth of his daughter. I immediately knew I wanted to offer my services to help capture the day, so that dad could experience her birth through photos.
I set up a meeting with Ally a few days later. I knew from the moment I met her that documenting Lillian’s birth was going to be so much fun.
On December 16th I received a message that things seemed to be progressing, but I had time. So I got my daughter ready and took her to her grandparents. Once I got back to Greenville I started to text with her doula to see where things were.
She seemed to be progressing fairly quick and I worried I wouldn’t make it in time.
Luckily, I got there in plenty of time to meet and get to know her wonderful mother-in-law and her energetic aunt. Her doula had been at the last birth I photographed, so I was excited to work by her side again.
We all spent the day laughing and getting to know everyone as Ally rested, waiting patiently for Lillian to make her appearance. Sometime later that night, the midwife came in and made the call that it was time to try to push.
Ally pushed for a few hours, taking a couple breaks in between, Lillian did not want to come.
Luckily Ally had an open mind and was prepared to have a c-section if it was needed. And in the end that is what was needed.
Thankfully they allowed me to come into the OR and photograph Lillian’s entrance into the world.
I felt so honored to be a part of her birth-day and to be able to help document the day, so dad could see how his daughter came into the world. And of course both Dad and Grandma were ecstatic to meet Lillian!

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