The Homebirth of Janie Lark | Greenville Birth Photography

Katelyn contacted me when she was only a few weeks pregnant and was sure she wanted someone to capture her daughter’s entrance into the world. I was more than excited that she chose me.
On December 9th, I received the call at 2am. Labor had started. I rushed my daughter to her grandparents and headed her way.
When I arrived Katelyn and her husband were in their bedroom working through contractions. So not to bother them, I only snuck in when the midwife went to check on her to snap a couple photos.
The midwives, doula, and her friends sat patiently at her kitchen table and waited. I enjoyed getting to know the lovely ladies she had chosen to be a part of her birth space.
Katelyn eventually made her way out of the bedroom to give everyone a Christmas present, shirts that said “Home is Where the Birth is”.
Afterwards she retreated to the birth tub to ease contractions. We all decided to let her rest and go grab breakfast at Denny’s.
Once we finished eating and made our way back to her house, she was in her bedroom, bouncing on the birth ball. Her midwife decided to help her baby’s position and used the rebozo. Shortly after, we all went back to the living room and rest ourselves.
We all napped a couple hours when the midwife made the decision that we should all go home for the day and let Katelyn visit her chiropractor.
I waited patiently all day by the phone hoping to get the call.
I decided to get some rest and went to bed at 9pm.
Around 9:30, Thomas, Katelyn’s husband sent me a text telling me things were picking back up, but to wait. The midwives joked that she had a “shy uterus” so having so many people around slowed her labor. So I went back to sleep, waking up every hour or so to check my phone. Again, at 2am on December 10th, I received a call. Her water had finally broke. I jumped in my car and headed back her way.
To my surprise, the door was answered with a “she’s here”.
I was so bummed I missed her entrance into the world, but once her water broke, Janie came barreling into their arms 15 minutes later. Luckily I was still able to get some beautiful photos of mom & dad loving on their new bundle of joy and of the very intimate cord burning ceremony. I also was able to capture Janie doing the “breast crawl”.
Even though I missed the actual birth, I loved being a part of Katelyn’s birth team. There was so much love in the air and I think this birth was the one that brought me further into our wonderful birth community.
Janie Lark made her mama work for it, but she, of course, was more than worth it!

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