The Homebirth of Sawyer | Greenville Birth Photography

On October 21st I got the call.
“She’s pushing and has been pushing for a bit!”
In a panic I woke my sleeping 1.5 year old and grabbed my Ergo. (I hoped she would go back to sleep, but was excited to see her reaction since she will be a part of her baby brothers birth in January/February 2017.) We flew to Robyn’s house to find her already in the tub, surrounded by her beautiful support team of women.
Sadly, Robyn’s husband was out of town on business, but was on his way home. This made me photographing this birth all the more special. It was my goal to make sure he felt every amazing emotion when he saw the photos.
With my toddler on my back (who did not go back to sleep, and was so excited to see a baby be born), I photographed Robyn push for about an hour or so. She pushed with such ease, and was even able to hold small conversations and smile in-between contractions. She encouraged baby to come and listened to her Hypnobabies tracks. At the time, we didn’t know what the gender was unknown. How exciting?!
Once Sawyer arrived, new Mom, Robyn called her husband, Michael, to announce their little one had arrived. Daddy insisted on not knowing the gender yet, but said baby sounded like a Sawyer to him. Little did he know, he was right!
Robyn chatted with Dad for a bit while snuggling her sweet little man. Admiring the beautiful boy she just peacefully brought into the world. Once she was comfortable on the couch, big sister Honey and Bella were more than excited to meet their new addition.

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