The Birth of Madeline | Greenville Birth Photography

I fell in love with Marla & Stuart as soon as I met them for their maternity session.
They were full of energy, knowledge and so much love. I looked forward to documenting the arrival of their sweet baby girl.
On Thursday, September 22nd, I got a text from Marla saying there might be a slight change of plans from her original plans to birth at home. Her blood pressure was elevated so they wanted to keep her over night and keep an eye on things. She said she planned to take her headphones and listen to some relaxing music. I told her to keep me updated with everything and I would be ready to come to her.
Friday, they decided that an induction was the best move. The doctors & nurses at Greenville Memorial were amazing at helping Marla still be able to stick to some of her original birth plan of keeping things as natural as possible. They tried a mechanical induction to get her started.
They let her rest Friday night and decided to start Pitocin on Saturday the 24th. We kept in touch all day, as things slowly progressed. The night came, and they let Marla get a little more rest.
Sunday the 25th she started having more intense waves, so I decided to stay in touch with her friend/doula so she could focus more. Later that day I got the call that I should head that way.
When I arrived Marla was in definite labor. I loved watching her friend soothe and talk her through her contractions, as her husband, Stuart, wrapped his arms around her to let her rest her head, or simply placed a hand on her chest to help keep her grounded. The love in this room was felt by everyone who entered.
Marla labored for quite a while naturally, until she decided she needed the rest and got the epidural. We all took a little nap while she used the peanut ball. It wasn’t long before baby was ready and Marla started to push.
She pushed with such strength and determination, but after a while of pushing, the doctor was afraid baby’s head was stuck behind the pelvic bone. At this time, talk of a cesarean began. It was obviously not Marla & Stuarts ideal way to bring their sweet baby into the world, but at this time they decided it was the best choice for baby & mama.
We all got our scrubs on, and headed to the OR.
Early Monday morning, on September 26th, baby Madeline Lindsey made her arrival. Mom & dad were over the moon to meet their little girl, and it felt like the world stood still still as Dad held her for the first time and Mom put her cheek to hers.


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