The VBAC Birth of Zaylee | Greenville Birth Photography

This birth was such an empowering experience.

My dear friend dreamed of having her VBAC with her sweet little girl, and she did absolutely everything she could to make it possible. With her son, she was induced. On top of that, she was unable to progress, so they decided a c-section was the best option.

BirthofZaylee (11 of 110)

On August 11th, I got the call that labor had start naturally, which she was ecstatic to experience this time around. She was determined to labor naturally, and she did for 12 hours before getting an epidural. She needed some rest.

BirthofZaylee (14 of 110)

Unfortunately, despite the epidural, she continued to feel almost every contraction. It took special doses of medicine to help her get an hour or so of rest, here and there. She struggled through the night to get at least a few hours of sleep.

BirthofZaylee (40 of 110)

Finally, after a total of 36 hours of labor, on August 12th, she received the news she had been waiting for.

She was a 10, and baby girl’s head was engaged. I have never seen a mama so eager to push! Within 3 pushes, baby Zaylee made her appearance.

BirthofZaylee (74 of 110) copy

I have never seen someone so in love, so proud, & so excited. She had such a determined mind, & such an amazing support team, I knew she would be able to do it!!

BirthofZaylee (75 of 110)

Congratulations mama!! You are amazing!

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