The Birth of Foster | Greenville Birth Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the birth of little Foster on July 7th, 2016.
Boy, did his mom make giving birth look easy!
I got the call around 7am that Thursday morning that things were starting up.
Foster (27 of 168)
Once I arrived at Greenville Memorial, Lindsey was already at 8cm. She had only arrived a few hours before so she was moving along quickly.
Despite being in active labor, she continued to do what Mom’s do best by keeping up with her older three, along with video taping them as they waited patiently to meet baby brother. Fosters big brothers and sister ran around the room playing hide and seek behind the curtains, cuddling with Grandma and Grandpa, and loving on Mom as she labored. They kept everyone well entertained as we waited.
It wasn’t long before her doctor came in and told her she was a 10 and ready to push.
Foster (77 of 168)
A few pushes later, at 11:22am, a sweet little boy entered the world.
Foster (104 of 168)
At that time, his name remained a mystery. Mom and Dad invited his older siblings in the room to finally meet the little boy they had been waiting on for nine months.
Once everyone had the chance to see this new bundle of joy, Mom and Dad introduced…
Foster (161 of 168)

Foster Stone.

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